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Local Events

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Village Fete   (17th June)
Planning has started for the Fathers’ Day Fete, this promises to be the “Daddy of all Fetes”!
Thanks to all who have already offered to help or run stalls. If you are able to help, just a few hours on the day would be appreciated. May be you can help with a well prepared sideshow, these are a work of art in themselves thanks to Brian. We also need manpower for the car park, as loads of people turn up! This could be a 1 hour shift, then you can enjoy the fete, especially the Teas!
The usual stalls are back – when having a clearout, please put any stuff aside.
There will be collection days in the Village Hall on 22 April and 20 May, 2 till 4pm.
Contact the Chair, Belinda, on 711487, or email wuevents2@gmail.com.

House “n” Home Stall

I am hoping to run the stall for the second time. Donations can be left at Church Farm from this month.
Glass, china, mirrors, pictures, small items of furniture etc.
Donations to be of good quality to encourage a sale!
Thank you
Debbie Howson